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Dobsons is Hiring Now
Dobsons is Hiring Now


Phoenix pest & weed control specialists


Phoenix pest & weed control specialists

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Mike, you truly are the very best ! We would never have anyone that would take such great care of our home than you do. And may I add, you are one of the most honest men I have ever met.
Date of Posting: 22 October 2015
Posted By: Marilyn Velie
Phoenix, AZ
Dobson Exterminating offers great prices and service! Switched from a National Brand pest control a few years ago and never looked back! I highly recommend Dobson
Date of Posting: 22 August 2015
Posted By: Lori Vanderplow
Dobson Exterminating is the best. They always take the time to go through every nook and cranny to make sure those pesky bugs have no chance to stay comfy in my home!!!!
Date of Posting: 11 July 2015
Posted By: Kathie Sletton
Phoenix, AZ
Mike is a friendly and has always done an amazing job! He takes his time and cares! I recommend him to everyone!
Date of Posting: 02 May 2015
Posted By: Laurie Guerrero
Phoenix, AZ
Amazing service, we had an inspection done for the purchase of our new home. Our inspector Mike was extremely well prepared. Prior to coming to our home for his inspection he contacted the Department of Agriculture about our home to research treatment history. He understood many things about the way our home was built and how they related to his inspection. This was important since our home was built in 1987 as well as having a back patio addition that was installed by the previous owner.

He even shared his insight into a previous termite treatment on our property. I strongly recommend Dobson exterminating they are amazing!
Date of Posting: 06 November 2014
Posted By: Mike H
Glendale, AZ

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